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To celebrate the launch of our new website we've got a special offer involving one of the new great brands and products that we now stock!
B-Slenda... Pharma Nords latest innovation. It removes dietary fat before it can accumulate in your body!  
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Below you'll find more info about this incredible product!
Sometimes no matter how good you look, there is often some fat that won't shift. This is the time of year when many of us begin to feel extra conscious of any extra pounds we might be carrying. Being in shape can make us feel more confident and able to enjoy what the summer has to offer.

Of course, improving diet and increasing exercise is the classic approach to slimming, but it can be frustrating when results don't come quickly. Well fear not, as there could be a natural way to boost your dieting efforts without taking extreme action.

We become overweight, and ultimately obese, if we consume more energy than we burn. In order to lose weight, we must control our calorie intake by eating less and burning more. It's pretty straightforward, but extremely challenging to achieve without help. Fat contains more energy per gram than carbohydrates and protein.

The energy you don't burn off is stored as fat in your body. Therefore, fat is a natural thing to cut down if you want to reduce calories.

Be wary of 'low fat' foods
Scientific studies have shown that foods low in fat and high in carbohydrates aid weight loss. It's important to be aware that 'low fat' doesn't always mean low calorie. Low fat products often contain high calories in the form of sugar, which is used to improve the flavour in the absence of fat.

Why do we love fatty foods?
Fat is important for the taste of food as it acts as a carrier for a range of flavourings. For example, it is able to make a piece of meat taste satisfying, by highlighting the subtle flavours within. Flavour from fat is released slowly, meaning that it can provide a long lasting after-taste. This is the reason why low fat foods can seem less tasty.

Choose a natural fat-binder that makes it easy to keep your weight loss targets.
B-Slenda,the latest Pharma Nord innovation, contains a natural substance that clings to dietary fat and removes it before it can accumulate in your body, reducing calorie intake. As a licensed medical device, it is proven safe and provides good support for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Magnetic effect on fat
B-Slenda consists of the active substance polyglucosamine that binds dietary fat in the intestine before the body has the opportunity to absorb the fat. Instead, the fat is excreted the natural way. Of course, BSlenda does not justify eating a diet with large quantities of fat and sugar, you still need to stick with healthy choices. However, with daily use of B-Slenda you can bind a relatively large amount of dietary fat that would otherwise burden your system. The result of integrating this product in your diet is easier weight management in the long term.

Five times as effective
B-Slenda is an improved generation of fibrous products, with faster dissolution and optimised fatbinding. It dissolves in as little time as 3-5 minutes. An in-vitro study has shown that it binds up to five times more fat than similar leading products on the market. B-Slenda only binds fat, not protein, carbohydrates, or alcohol.

Special and Safe
B-Slenda is measured for quality and efficacy before and during manufacture. Using a unique processing technology, the special fibres in B-Slenda are extracted from freshly caught coldwater shrimp from Icelandic waters. This key raw material is fully traceable. Any tablet from any package can be traced all the way back to the actual fishing vessel that caught the shrimp used to produce the batch!

Be healthy!
Fat binders like B-Slenda should be part of a balanced approach to weight loss and healthy living. If you're concerned about being overweight and need nutritional advice, your doctor will be available to give you good, tailored guidance.


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