Tobis Omega-3 Oils

One of the purest forms of Omega-3 fatty acids (Predominantly found in oily fish). Tobis is produced only from the meat of Sand eels, not mixed fish and Cods livers. Its acceptably neutral in taste and smell. One 5ml spoonful contains: 1800mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, the most important of which are EPA & DHA.
As recommended by Professor Winston, The Human Mind, BBC, October 2003

• Tobis helps maintain a healthy heart.
• Recommended to help in Cardiovascular Diseases, Stroke Prevention, High Blood Lipid (Cholesterol) & Pregnancy.
• May help to maintain general health & wellbeing, and help in controlling: Psoriasis/Eczema, Allergies & Migraine, and reduce risk of developing Alzheimer’s Dementia in the elderly.
• Tobis is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
• Can help to maintain supple joints in Arthritis.
• Can help to regulate blood sugar levels in Diabetes at 500mg 3x daily with food.
• Essential for nervous system, especially brain & eyes. Can also help to reduce symptoms of Depressive Illness.
• Can help reduce Behavioural Problems in children, and may be used to help ADHD and Hyperactivity. It can also aid concentration & learning. It can be added to juices, yoghurts, cereals and milkshakes if preferred.

One of the Most Effective & Safest Supplements You Can Purchase Today!
You can continue to take multivitamin supplements along with Tobis for total protection. Tobis is obtained from sand eel meat. Sand eels do not eat any other fish and for only about 4 months, therefore their meat is as natural as possible and free of pollutants. The oil is one of the purest forms of Omega-3 available and is far superior in quality compared to other leading products.