The 5:2 Plan

The 5:2 Eontu Diet Plan from Peake Health

The Eontu 5:2 diet plan is a brilliant way to manage your long term health and weight… its suitable for ongoing/everyday weight and shape management.

For this diet you simply use the eontu food packs for two days each week… replacing what you would normally eat with 4 eontu food packs.  

5:2 Plan

Av. weight loss

Self Selection

Ready-to-Go packs

5 weeks

3.7 lb/ 1.7 kg



10 weeks

7.4 lb / 3.4 kg



  • For 2 (non-consecutive) fasting days each week at 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men each day.
  • Consume 4 eontu Food-Packs only on each of your 2 fasting days.

Mondays and Thursday are popular fasting days, Monday is a good day to recover after a ‘heavy’ weekend and Thursday is a good to ‘prepare’ your body for the next one.

We recommend 5 or 10 week cycles as you will start to notice changes after the initial 5 weeks.